This weekend on social media, I have seen so many comments and posts from people looking for courses or who have already signed up for courses that have been mis-sold. One poor learner had been given the wrong information by one of the country’s biggest recruitment agency! Others have not been given support by their assessors & again not being observed by their assessors in their setting.

I have seen comments from people saying this is what happens when you pay for the course but I can 100% say this is not the case for all privately funded trainingproviders, in fact, I would say this happens more and more with “free courses/apprentices” providers. The assessors working for these companies have such a huge caseload of learners that they can’t possibly support the learners through their qualifications and give them the support that they should expect.

Learners see that they can access free courses or learner loans but they don’t realise that there are other options. Please do your research, speak to colleaguesthat have already completed courses, look at local colleges and private training providers. Do a centre search on an awarding body website, such as Cache.

If you are not happy with your assessor/training provider, in the first instance speak to the provider, and if you are still not happy with their response/support contact the awarding body, they can put in place sanctions or withdraw the accreditation.

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