Lisa and I worked together at different training providers for more than 20 years before we set up Premier Early Years Training. Our ethos is to ‘support, nurture, and encourage our learners on their learning journey’. We are both caring mums and teachers and know how hard it is for people to go back to studying at any age or for a learner who struggled at school but has the knowledge and experience in the workplace.

We understand that all children have different needs and abilities, just like our adult learners. We really care about our students and will always be flexible and understanding of their needs. As a small training provider if a learner wants to complete their award faster and prefers weekly or fortnightly lessons then we can accommodate that. If a learner can’t make the lesson because they are struggling with family commitments or illness, we call or text to just check in with them if a tutorial is not possible that week. We have supported our students through many difficult times; from a change of career to childcare, personal issues, more recently COVID, and even lazyitis! Every student who has studied with us has been a success! We are very proud to say we have never had a learner who hasn’t completed their award when studying with us!

Our business model is bespoke and we would rather take on fewer students than more. Our learners are our priority and will be there to support them through their award. They have access to all the resources from our online platform. We signpost our learners to course books and different websites and if a learner is struggling with a piece of work, we are only a text or phone call away for more support. When we say we will support you, we really mean it!

We believe that progression is key and we are very proud of our learners who progress from a Level 2 course with us to Level 3, 4, and 5! It’s always a pleasure to keep in touch and see their careers grow and flourish! For example; Lisa taught a lovely lady, with English as a second language on the Support Teaching & Learning Level 2. She was very quiet in the classroom to begin with, but grew in confidence throughout the lessons and liked to bring in lovely homemade goodies for us all to try at coffee time! After completing her Level 2, she gained employment in a school and returned to complete her Level 3 Support Teaching & Learning. During lockdown she got back in touch with Lisa wanting to complete
the Level 4 Supporting Teaching & Learning Advanced Practitioner. Her research task was so interesting to read! She researched and introduced to the school, therapy animals to support children with autism. It was such a great success that the school has now implemented this as a regular activity. She also completed her course in record time and at such a high standard.

She has recently been in contact to ask Lisa to be a reference for her PGCE Certificate in Autism. She is really an inspiration to everyone! You are never too old for a career change or progression!

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